Create amazing learning experiences with Design Thinking

We believe everybody can create training and workshops with great impact.
Learning Design is a user-centred, iterative and open-ended process that gives you
the tools and techniques to create amazing learning experiences.


At Basecamp we enable you with the tools and techniques to design workshops and trainings and make you a Learning Designer. This 4-day event is full of intense practice that will change the way you look at trainings. Plus, we have 1 day of e-learning and lots of material for you.

The Book

Learning Design is the educator's ability to build impactful learning experiences and continuously improve them. In this book we will show you the tools we use.
Since we are coming from Design Thinking and training background we combined both in Learning Design.

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    Christian & Mara
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Learning Design Canvas


Get the Learning Design Canvas for free via email. It is one of our tools to design impactful learning experiences. Works best as A2 poster (or bigger) with markers and post-its.
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    A2 Poster
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Session Outline Sheet

Session Outline

Usually the second step after working with the canvas is the session outline. For small sessions I often use MS Excel or Google Sheets. You can do this, too. Here you find a template which you can download and use for free.
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    Google Sheet (or download as Excel file)
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Come join us on one of our events.

Nothing from January 21, 2019 to April 21, 2019.

Having a background in training as well as Design Thinking, I have come to realize that training and Design Thinking are toolboxes that complement each other and cross at the intersection of co-creation. Good learning experiences don’t come with good designs alone – but rather with designs that are crafted with and for your participants.
I started my trainer business in 2012. But being a good trainer is more than practice and self-reflection — it is also having the best tools and mindset. I believe Design Thinking is the perfect methodology to complement modern training techniques. It is a new (and quite effective) approach to design and deliver amazing learning experiences.

What is Learning Design?

Safe Learning Environment

As a Learning Designer, you create a safe learing environment where everybody is motivated to contribute, learns from each other, respects other opinions and talks openly.

Immersive Experience

In order to create an impact, a Learning Designer must craft learning experiences. This means working on real issues and challenges, solving actual problems and prototyping new ideas right away.

Iterative Approach

During the Learning Design Cycle you will create learning experiences, evaluate and improve them continuously. As a Learning Designer, you always learn and develop yourself.

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